Monday, 13 August 2012

What is up with Goodreads?

It seems every time I visit Goodreads, it takes only a few minutes before I inevitably see this screen:

Am I alone on this? Because frankly, it's becoming annoying.

Facebook has nearly a billion active users, and I never once encounter any problems on their servers. Goodreads, on the other hand, has a mere 10 million, yet its servers are constantly overworked. Maybe it's time for an upgrade?


  1. I get this sometimes, too - or the message that Goodreads is unavailable at that time - to try again later. ???

  2. I just received a notice (apparently whomever has the automated system set up hasn't taken me off the Librarian list yet) that GR has reached 10 million users, so probably the servers are just not up to the task. Comparing GR to Facebook is not quite accurate, as Facebook doesn't have that massive book database, but you're right -- they need to get their servers set up to handle the traffic. I've been seeing that notice a lot lately, too.

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