Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Importance of Reviews

Reviews (both good and bad) can provide insight into who is actually reading your book, and can aid in tailoring your book to your specific target audience.

For instance, based on the reviews I've received thus far on Goodreads, virtually every single person who has read Text Me, Guido falls into one of the following two categories (or both):

1) Middle-aged
2) Non-Italian

Considering my book is about a group of text-messaging Italian-American young adults, I find this very troubling. Clearly, I am not reaching my target demographic. On Amazon, "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" lists a bunch of chick-lit. Again, not good.

How can I solve this problem?

As a writer, I am grateful to anyone who has read my work, but at the same time, if it falls into the wrong hands, it will likely do more harm than good. The people reading my book are clearly not the same people who watch Jersey Shore religiously, and this is a problem.

The blurb and five-chapter preview I've provided on Amazon provide more than an accurate indication of the story and how the book functions to tell that story, but I'm still getting a lot of "The story was not for me"-type comments.

So, how do I solve this problem?

Well, obviously I can't rely on Snooki to retweet the link to my book to her followers, so I will have to find another solution (LOL). I'm releasing a new short story soon (probably within 24 hours) that I hope will attract my target demographic to me. My philosophy is to keep writing, and hopefully people will find me. Wishful thinking I know, but we'll see what happens. *Fingers crossed*